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Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in 10 days. :)

Sunday night selfie for my Tumblr!
So what’s been happening with me lately:
- busy with work and OT as I am in dire need of money this July (CDO trip and Cinemalaya)
- latest movie I’ve seen was Craigslist Joe and it was good, I liked it, Man of Steel sucked and I cannot wait for The Bling Ring and Before Midnight
- still on ASoS, been reading this for 3 months, sorry, self
- downloaded The National and She & Him, lemme see what it’s about
- obsessed with local make up shops on IG and always thinking of another restaurant to eat at
- just yesterday I found out I can fit in to Forever21’s 2x which was nice since I always thought I’m a solid 3x fatty.

So there.
How are you? :)


I’ve stood in front of the mirror for hours waiting to fall in love with my body.

Once I quieted the world, I finally saw the beauty.

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Turned 24 last 24th! Happy birthday to me! :)

Got my prints! Disappointed as the ink from the back paper bled on the film. Can someone explain to me how this happened? 

Happy new year! 🍻🎊💥😘

Office people aka my new fam! I have the coolest boss! 👍

Bought a diana f+ 2 weeks ago. Overdue gift to self for doing a pretty good job at work 👊😝 had my films processed earlier, excited for the results!

👊😝 i’ve missed tumblr. Super busy at work. Updates coming up through photos! Just 2 more, don’t worry, won’t flood your dash with my senseless life lol:)) got my hair done! Ombre baby!😜

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